DAF Pack LightPlus Multiplayer Ready


New DAF XF Euro6 With 750Hp Volvo Engine, And Scania V8 Sound
Old DAF XF With 750Hp Volvo And Daf euro6 Sound



7 Responses to DAF Pack LightPlus Multiplayer Ready

  1. Darren says:

    thank you bud 😀

  2. Manny2Play says:

    Hey Mimo!!! Really thx now… If i want to change just the painjob need to do it in SP with mod installed or i can do it directly in MP?

    • Mimmo_ITA ™ says:

      no, you do it in SP, with mod installed

      • xlagoitax/gigantnext says:

        Mimmo Mi Puoi Fare Un Favore? ti Devo Parlare In Privato, Su Steam Mi CHiamo GigantNext1, e questo è il discord dove puoi trovarmi quasi tutti i giorni: https://discord.gg/erRvfVd . in privato ti spiegherò tutto spero mi contatti presto perche è urgente 🙂

  3. Emil says:

    what is the password

  4. Жора says:

    Сука! ну какой еблан кидает на такие говнохостинги?

  5. Mr D says:

    it keeps crashing my game when I load it into SP I had a DAF E6 and classic but I sold them hoping it would work but still nothing ….

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