DAF Realistic Camera Angle v 2.0


YouTube preview

– The camera was set a little high
– Works on Full Version

Author: Fırlama Modçu


8 thoughts on “DAF Realistic Camera Angle v 2.0

  1. Not work on version 1.10 of the game.

  2. What s your interior?

    1. DAF XF original.

  3. realistic if you’re 1.2 meters high lol

  4. It’s a truck not a car. in a truck you are not as high as your steering wheel unless you see the height of a kid as realistic for a truck driver

  5. Another hobbit camera mod… Look like the mod creator never saw a truck with a driver in it and he thinks trucks have the same sitting position as a regular car.

  6. Useless crappy mod.

  7. Psycho_Yuri

    Sorry, but im not a hobbit and this camera is way too low placed.

    You should be banned to upload on this website, too much people upload ###### #### and admins should do something about it

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