DAF Sounds


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DAF Sounds for DAF SCS and DAF 50k Trucks

Author: MrGermanTruck


8 thoughts on “DAF Sounds

  1. lol pulled out of mods DAF
    MrGermanTruck, you at least change it up a bit!

  2. kriechbaum

    This is my sound version 7.

  3. exactly!!!scania normal R

  4. Dutch-Wave

    lol its not a daff sound and daf wil never sound like dis sount mod dis sount like more then scania r zo as metaloz say’s

  5. Peterbilt 389

    Hallo, ein sehr guter Sound und ohne diesem dummen Piiuuu Piiuuu beim Gangwechsel.Daumen hoch.

  6. tyrannix2342

    Does not sound like DAF!!!Have someone record the original sound of DAF!!!

  7. Why are you stealing other sounds and put your name as author/credit??

  8. HI please mercedes 2628 sound for mercedes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywq8VVGMbLg

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