DAF sounds V2

Author: 50k


13 Responses to DAF sounds V2

  1. diego says:

    how install the mod sound please ??!

  2. admin says:

    Maybe put in mods folder?

  3. Michiel says:

    It isn’t a .scs file? I only get a .rar document…

  4. hex says:

    Very good sounds, thank you 50k.

    About the rar; put it in your mod folder same as an scs, it will work.
    ETS2 treats the rar file extension same as scs if the file structure inside is the same. If you look inside you’ll see it is.

  5. KASE94 says:

    hmm, my is also a RAR file, not a SCS. Dosent work for me. Not your V1 scs sound either…

  6. Michiel says:

    The rar file doesn’t work for me…

  7. Greg says:

    make scs.file and upload again

  8. Richard says:

    This mod should bee changed into SCS file format. Why is it still possible to download it? It should bee changed so that it works.

  9. Ronald says:

    where is the SCS file? or should i put the RAR file in the mod folder? Please respond its a great sounD!!
    Greets from Hollanda

  10. gvorris says:

    Awesome mod.Congratulations author!
    one of the best in modding community!!!
    please how to make this sound for all trucks?if it is possible can you upload it?
    Thank you very much!
    Greetings from Greece!

  11. luis says:

    can you do a sound motor brake ?

  12. Edward says:

    For those of you who dont have a SCS file. what i did was open the RAR file with 7zip.

    1) In the folder that is created from this you will find a Zipped folder. extract its contents.

    2)Right click the extracted folder and use 7zip and click add to archive in the drop down menu, this will open a settings window.

    Set archive format to ZIP, and compression level to store.

    Now at the top of this settings window is an address bar with DAFsoundModV2_by50k.zip. change zip to .scs and click ok.

    You now have the Mod as a .scs file.

  13. Kenny says:

    Now this sound dosent work on 1.3.1 he has uploaded on youtube an update so it will work on 1.3.1, but that dont work for me either!

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