DAF XF 105 50keda Skin

DAF-XF-105-50keda-Skin-1 DAF-XF-105-50keda-Skin-2 DAF-XF-105-50keda-Skin-3

This mod works !!! ONLY !!! with the 50keda’s Daf XF 105 mod.
The skin it’s made by me. I was inspired by real Daf trucks.
Tested on

Please do not re-upload the mod. Or just keep the original link!

If you wish to collaborate with me don’t be reluctant to contact me at this e-mail adress [email protected]
Hope you will enjoy this skin.

Author: Ice.Man946


9 Responses to DAF XF 105 50keda Skin

  1. Marc0nly says:

    Looks great! Thanks man.

    • Ice.Man946 says:

      I will try to. It will try to.

    • Ice.Man946 says:

      Which version of RJL’s Scania? Topline, highline, exc-longline or exc-topline?? There are many versions of truck.. so just tell me wich version.
      Send me an e-mail so we can talk more there (the email you can found it under photos on the info abount DAF skin)
      See ya!

      • Gerry says:

        I have treid to send you Email but it wont work…

        But If you can make it so it fits topplinje and exc-topplinje

        • Ice.Man946 says:

          Ok! I understand, and I will try to create the skin(But I’m not sure how long it will take) so send me an Email so i will send you my skype adress and we can talk easier there! Jeg er ikke sikker men jeg tror at du snakker norsk hehe.. det gjør jeg og 😀 Snakkes

  2. Gerry says:

    Snakker norsk jeg og hehe 🙂

    Send meg en invite på Skype : [email protected]
    Eller legg meg til på face.
    Geir Arne Einan
    Har Molde mfk som profilbilde

  3. Gerry says:

    Eller du sender en epost til [email protected]

    Kommer ikke inn på skype hehe

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