DAF XF 105.510 + 14 Skins


With this DAF You can choose 14 different skins
and there are several options added, Kelsa lightbars,
on roof cooling fan and horns ( go to beacon and buy)
and more,

All add-on packs will work properly but sometimes there can be
conflicts, before complaining please check Your modfolder,

All files are open, so You can do what You want, but it will be
respectfull if You give Your added results back without locking them,
and people can use Your stuff,


– 50keda
– Ventyres for wheels
– Snaip for Hadley
– Hotracer for Kelsa multibar and highbar parts
reworked by 50keda
– R. Vlastuin for Hella beacon
– Peerke145 Converted and reworked

– Volvoduck – Jan Bakker, P.J. Hoogendoorn, Weeda
– Peerke145 – Gebroeders Kapitein
– Alexius – Wetter Transport
– Sufyan – Tieleman
– Per_DK – Trans Gernad
– Roadhunter and more, Bring,
reskinned by Freddy Jimmink
– Freddy Jimmink – Europe Flyer, Jac. Op ‘t Hof, JP Transport Service, Ronny Ceusters, Tim Goderie, Transportena & Zn

Place both files in mod folder and enjoy,

Thanks for Freddy Jimmink


34 Responses to DAF XF 105.510 + 14 Skins

  1. Freddy Jimmink says:

    It works fine in and higher,

    a view test drives had no problems with it,


    Freddy Jimmink

    • axelrol says:

      Absolutely GREAT, Freddy! I was looking for this ))
      Only one question about interior: it comes already “in truck” or installed via sunvisor or driver plate or etc.

      Thanks in advance!


  2. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Thanks Axel, hope You have much fun!
    and i did this project not alone

    The interior is “in truck”


    Freddy Jimmink

    • axelrol says:

      (( ok then, just have to delete it cause i have curtains from 50keda what comes with “Bring” with sun visor. 🙂

      • Freddy Jimmink says:

        Best is to delete all other customized DAF’s out of mod folder, they can give a conflict,



  3. Baba says:

    ### – Masterpieces skinsz !!! perfect job

    TYVMuch @ Freddy and the other sKinnerszz

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      In name of all modders and skinners thank You


      Freddy Jimmink

  4. Per_DK says:

    WOW, this is just perfect, you guys really did a nice job, keep it up guys.

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      Thanks mate, but what do You think about Your Trans Gernad skin than ey? I only did a little rework on that one, haha,


      Freddy Jimmink

  5. MASTER YODA says:


  6. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Thanks Master Yoda for Your very valuable information, and we go on to make more skins
    in another skinpack,

    And if it works on the Bring skin, it will work on all skins

    And i sincerally hope that modders will make trucks, or convert trucks the right way form GTS/ETS, this truck is the first, i hope there will come much more,


    All who made this mod

    • axelrol says:

      Freddy, now we need more skins especially for this truck 🙂


    • MASTER YODA says:

      Good news!Greetings to your team from Greece! 🙂

      • Freddy Jimmink says:

        Thanks again Master Yoda, Greetings from Danmark and Holland,

        For all of us

  7. Freddy Jimmink says:

    We’re already bussy with skinpack 2 Axel haha, and any sugestions welcome,


    Freddy Jimmink

  8. anon says:

    Nice work, good description, fully and extensively credited, and it’s even quite compatible with other mods. This is how things should be done!

  9. janbakker says:

    If i drop it in my mods folder and then a start my ETS 2 And i go to the DAV Dealer and i can’t find him! and the skins work to not! Pls help me!

    • Mak-Kyver says:

      do you edit your profile before play?

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      Go to the dealer or to the workshop,

      When You are there,

      First You go to cabin, there are 4 cabins, choose the 1 on top, than go to chassis, chooose 1 of the 3 chassis from top, the 1 You like,

      After that go to paint, there the skins will appear, and choose 1,

      I don´t know at wich level You can unlock, but i think from level 0,


      Freddy Jimmink

      • janbakker says:

        Thanks It Works Fine!! Thank you

        • Freddy Jimmink says:

          Graag gedaan Jan en veel plezier met de Jan Bakker DAF, haha


          Freddy Jimmink

  10. Mak-Kyver says:

    before playing approve mods “again”… i assume that u use version 1.3.X

  11. Laxi says:

    Great mod! Very very very good ! 🙂
    Thank for sharing !

  12. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Thanks all!

    Here something MrGermanTruck made:


    Hope You will watch it,


    Freddy Jimmink

  13. MASTER YODA says:

    Can I make a request? Can we have at the next skin pack the option to select a litle darker tint for the truck windows?
    Like the tint on the bring tuning pack…I ask for this because the curtains and the interior is all creme color and reflects too much on the outside..Thnaks in advance.
    Happy Easter! Καλο Πασχα!

  14. Freddy Jimmink says:

    We will do our bst Master Yoda, thanks for request,


    Freddy Jimmink

  15. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Little Remark:

    Due to private reasons i will have less time to fix Master Yoda’s request, of course i will fix the problem, and the fix will come together with skinpack 2,

    Thanks forwarding for understanding,


    Freddy Jimmink

  16. fridi95 says:

    Also works with the new patch?

  17. aaron says:

    does not work for the new version ;[

  18. DAFXF2013 says:

    Hello Freddy Jimmink,
    Währe es möglich ob du das Paket auf 1.7.0 – 1.7.1 umschreiben könntest? Da das Spiel jedes abstürzt.


  19. aaron says:

    please update

  20. Jára says:

    Dowland link ?

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