DAF XF 105.560 S. Kingma


To get the Kingma skin complete buy the S.Kingma sunshield, grill and wheels at the Deaaler or in Garage,
The standard DAF XF will be un-effected from colored gril or other parts, because of re-building DAF Modpack by Roadhunter,
Skin, interior beige and wheels by Freddy Jimmink, special thanks to Per_DK for correcting the lining on both sides,
PMG”s are open and please leave it that way! Otherwise i will report abuse!
If You don’t like it, i don’t wanna know! And most of all: don’t download!

Author: Freddy Jimmink


4 Responses to DAF XF 105.560 S. Kingma

  1. jesper says:

    …great work…

  2. Per_DK says:

    Great skin Freddy,
    I did not expect to see this before your DAF skin pack 2.
    Keep it up Freddy, and thanks for credits đŸ™‚



  3. Freddy Jimmink says:

    That is true Per, but it comes also in skinpack 2 of teh other DAF,

    Thanks Jepser and Per,



  4. Scanias says:

    nice skin!!!

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