DAF XF 105 6×2/6×4 Brazilian

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– Definitions of 6×2 and 6×4 chassis changed with height and approximate values to the Brazilian model (weight and spring work).
– Definitions of engines updated to the same factory (based on the technical specifications of the truck).
– Refurbished halogen headlights.
– Board computer with more real colors than real life.
– Fenders of the DAF Euro 6 that are used in the Brazilian DAF.
– Standard and exclusive interior with original SCS options and reworked details for the Brazilian version.
– Cabins space without air deflector, space with air deflector and superspace with air deflector (I did not notice any superspace booth in Brazil leaving the factory without air deflector).
– Inserted ANTT adhesive in the cabins.
– Kriechbaum Sound (DAF XF Version 2.0): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuPxhUm0f1c&t=394s.

– Optionals:

– Maxiclima Slim air conditioner with standard plastic tank and black ladder (only for space version with or without air deflector).
– Round tanks: large of 520 liters and small of 200 liters (two other options soon …).

The mod replaces the original game DAF XF 105, however versions 4×2, 6×2 / 6×4 short and 6×4 / 2 remain original.

SCS, Piva, Galimin, Kriechbaum,


3 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 6×2/6×4 Brazilian


    Where can I download those trailers?

    1. Lucas Brandão

      The trailer is an additional mod of this map. On this site you will find the map and the additional trailers for sale.

      Link: https://rcteam.com.br/rcshop/tag/mapa-rc-brasil/

    2. FRANK_WOT It’s a paid mod homie

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