DAF XF 105 by Stanley 1.3 – Update + templates


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This model is independent. You can buy at DAF
This is a modification of the SCS – DAF XF 105
Two variants of the engine: 560 hp twin turbo E5 and 560 hp twin turbo EEV
Each engine has its own sound
CABINA – Super Space Cab
Own wheels
Removed the wheels 50k
Removed the own economy
Removed own license plate and replaced the original SCS
Fixed sticker Norway
Reworked light box + Added template
Added front curtains from SCS
Added two tips of the front fenders
Added template truck
Adjusting the position of the rear wheels

I recommend the old Stanley mods remove and replace 1.3

Any errors please report to [email protected]

Enjoy it!

Stanley, SCS Software, 50k

DOWNLOAD 47.8 MB [Mirror]


77 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 by Stanley 1.3 – Update + templates

  1. Can you have a version with the plates still? I liked them.

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I will endeavor to meet

  2. Great+DAF!+I’m+waiting+for+more+fixes+and+improvements.

  3. thx Stanley beautiful truck

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel youtube.com/MrGermanTruck

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Perfect, thank you

      1. Mr.GermanTruck

        No Problem Stanley and great Work 😉

  5. Great DAF! I’m waiting for more fixes and improvements.
    Please add new interior 😀

  6. Amazing!!

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      thanks 😉

  7. It’s a f””” nice truck and skin Thank you.

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      thanks 😉

  8. Vojtaz125

    Please, give this mod to steam workshop

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I will try to

  9. Can you make some angine’s up to 800 hp please ?

  10. Asphroxia

    euro 6 variant would be epic 😀 great work either way!

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      The E6 I have elaborated,

      and thank you

  11. Hey, would be nice that lightbox matches color of the skin when you recolor it by your own like in 1.2 version.


    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I will arrange 😉

  12. Inquisitor

    Old version was +300MB, this one is 48MB. What was removed?

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Just unneeded files and I chose the higher compression

      1. Inquisitor

        Thanks great job! One of the best trucks around!

  13. Flying-Dutchman

    I can only say : i Love this Truck ……
    realy great Job Buddy

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Many thanks

  14. hii Stanley nice work i try to play but is not working probably to my profile can u know why is like this please

  15. aw, you ruined your own awesome daf :/ When sellecting Interior you get bugged view and the cover for side windows are misplaced and HUGE load of red text in console view. You said on others you would share trailers and instead you share a broken truck and the mod is now 48Mb when it use to be over 300Mb… So to sum it up, 1.3 update=broken truck mod and no trailers. Sad, i was a Big fan of your Daf work.

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I am sorry that you are disappointed. I just deleted and unnecessary files and increase the compression.

      Two trailersI published but I still are not visible

      1. Then look at this sccreenshot, i dont have any errors when i use version 1.2, but with your new 1.3 i get this http://imgur.com/a/xpZb4 Thats why i say 1.3 upgrade you broke your wonderful truck. 🙁 Sad.

        1. StanleyLepidlo


          These errors were corrected. You will see in further updating

    2. @Blueone … I can not detect any problems. The covers positioned correctly, the interior view too. Some little things could still be changed in the future, but I have no log errors at the moment.

      I’m not a big fan of DAF, but I like this truck. Great work Stanley 🙂

      1. StanleyLepidlo

        Many thanks

      2. It’s true, look at Mr.GermanTruck video, it shows the Window deflector is placed so it dont follow the door, from front to end. at 01:39 in his video!

        1. Only this part of the window can be opened. So the deflector is already on the right place 😉

  16. hey,crashin’ here everytime i bought the truck 🙁

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I do not understand 🙁

      1. yeah everytime i bought the truck,it keep crashing,i don’t know why and hope you’ll understand now 😀

    2. Такая же проблема при покупке вылетает игра.все моды убрал и всё равно вылетает,версия игры 1.25.3s Жаль хотелось бы обкатать такой красивый торак.

  17. im getting this in my log: 00:00:57.748 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_front/385_60.pmd’
    00:00:57.748 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_front/385_60.pmd’
    00:00:57.782 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_rear/315_80.pmd’
    00:00:57.782 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_rear/315_80.pmd’
    00:00:57.782 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_rear/315_80.pmd’
    00:00:57.782 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_rear/315_80.pmd’
    00:00:58.474 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_front/385_60.pmd’
    00:00:58.476 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_front/385_60.pmd’
    00:00:58.476 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_rear/315_80.pmd’
    00:00:58.478 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_rear/315_80.pmd’
    00:00:58.478 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_rear/315_80.pmd’
    00:00:58.478 : [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/wheel/tire/st_rear/315_80.pmd’
    00:00:58.548 : [dx9] Texture (texture_reflection) not found in material (/vehicle/truck/daf_xf_by_stanley/materials/jmenovka_z.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/fdd33ffbefadb9c397861dd987967e56.sm3x.fso)
    And i didnt get that on version 1.2!

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Then try download again version 1.3 and delete old versions

      1. Did you update the file since you posted 1.3 update? If not, then why should he or she redownload the same file?

  18. Stanley, HUGE thanks to you for it. You did a good work. Really it is amazing.

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Many thanks

  19. The Angel of my life

    Great Daf Stanley, but where I can find template ?

  20. The Angel of my life

    Sorry Stanley I just found it. 🙂

  21. Hey Stanley,
    I forgot to add you one more thing, you fixed the wheels position and now its good, but still 2nd axle is too low, especially when you rise up liftaxle and you pass over the bump you will scratch with your rear bumper. Possible solution is to rise 2nd axle more lets says 20-30cm !!


    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I will try to do something about it 😉

  22. Od Čecha bych takovouhle práci nečekal..nádhera;)

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Díky Maty 😉

      1. StanleyLepidlo

        Maty, padá Vám nějak hra s mým modem?

        1. Všechno v pohodě hra nepadá 🙂

  23. Very nice truck!can i use sound from
    Kapitan Kriechbaum for this Daf ?

    1. The Euro5-Sound inside is Kriechbaum’s DAF Open Pipe v9.0 😉

      1. Falkon yes it works! Thanks!

  24. The Breizh Sailors



  25. very good job .thanks Stanly

  26. Stampertje


  27. Hey man, you’ve made an amazing mod, but there’s one little problem… Everytime I pause the game(ESC) it crashes after 2-3 seconds… Could you please do something about this??

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I will try to do something about it

      1. Thanks!
        Can’t wait for the next update 🙂

  28. Still wont show up in my game every other truck mod I use does but this one seems to not show

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I’m sorry but I do not understand the question 🙁

      1. He says that he doesn’t see the truck in game.

  29. icebeer75

    Herzlichen Dank im namen von B.T.R an den Skinner und Moder Stanley Für den geilen Truck und das Trailerpack

    Thanks in the name of B.T.R to the Skinner and Moder Stanley For the horny truck and the trailer pack

  30. hey+great+work.+i+have+a+question+how+du+you+add+the+new+light+box+to+the+truck+i+hav+make+mig+own+logo+on+so+i+just+need+to+get+it+in+to+the+game

    1. hey great work .i have a question how do you add the new lightbox to the truck i hav make mig own logo on so i just need to get it into the game

  31. Hello, Stanley! Very nice truck! I suggest here that : red light in the interior. Can u add it to separate slot, I want to remove it. And may be rewrite it, that the red light is not turned on when you turn on the dipped beam , and when you turn on the beacon. May be these two variants both on the slot on the roof 😉 I think you understand me, sorry for my English.
    Ah, one thing else. Can you return the numberpaltes, but add it to sepatare slot. And if you you put the numberplates they close default numberplates.
    And can you add an interior with 4-spoke DAF wheel? I like 4-spoke, I think many people like it too. Good luck, I hope you will make my wishes!
    Thank you very much for your work!

  32. Ah, and can you add Poppy freshers to separate slot too, I also like to remove them, I like Poppys form Sisl’s megapack)
    How about make new Poppys?And light them 🙂 That’s not importants, but if you’ll do that (remodel poppys and light them), it’ll be very very nice, Stanley!
    Ok, in the next update add Poppys to separate slot 🙂

    1. StanleyLepidlo


      Update 1.4 is already done.

      I will seek your requirements include in next revision.

      1. Thank you!

  33. TruckerJacob

    wowww super nice daf
    Have a question
    The right mirror is the CB antenna
    You can also turn on the left mirror
    or an option that they are at all 2
    Furthermore, everything looks good no game crash

    1. StanleyLepidlo


      Update 1.4 is already done.

      I will seek your requirements include in next revision.

  34. MatthewDaf105

    Can you add templates, that old version has? Default templates looks terrible at that truck)) (Sorry for sometimes bad English c: )

  35. Kissenfeldt91

    Can u make a Danish model 😀

  36. Dirk Marien

    Very nice truck but unfortunately he is not shown with me in the Modmanager

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