DAF XF 105 by Stanley Skin

daf-xf-105-by-stanley-skin-2 daf-xf-105-by-stanley-skin-1

Hi all. Another of my works,hope you like my skins.These skins only work on the DAF 105 by Stanley, game version 1.25



9 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 by Stanley Skin

  1. hi there is no file to download

  2. the download give’s a notter page of this site not te downlaod file page yesterday it was the same fix it please

  3. ScaniaVabis93

    no download!!!!

    1. Chris27uk

      Mmmm Vladimir1203, mods_ats, groningen…the same #### and gang of thiefs!!!

    2. thanks

  4. StanleyLepidlo

    Good work 😉

    1. great work thanks big respekt to your work

  5. Dutch-Wave


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