DAF XF 105 by Stanley v 1.5

daf-xf-105-1 daf-xf-105-2

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This model is independent. You can buy at DAF
This is a modification of the SCS – DAF XF 105

Tested on version 1.26

mod is divided into two parts – a truck and sound

Unpack the archive “DAF XF 105 560 HP by Stanley 1.5.rar” folder
Move to Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod

– adjusted hinges – no need DLC
– removable lights on a spoiler
– Removable poppy
– Added slots on the front of the frame
– Added in front of a big frame and slots
– Modified light box (glows yellow and white), and is removable
– Modified roof frame and added slots
– Added a black interior
– (Upon request) refunded own license plate

Remove old Stanley mode and replaces version 1.5

If you like my mod, you can support me.


Of any errors please report to:
[email protected]

Enjoy it!

Stanley, Nelson Silva, 50k, SCS Software


37 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 by Stanley v 1.5

  1. The author please do chassis 4×2

  2. nltrucker

    nice mod 6 star if i can give you probz to you

  3. I realy like your mod, but does it work on version 1.25.x?

  4. No file! 🙁

  5. S.Degreef

    In the interiorvieuw te dial needles are missing, so u cant see your fuel state adblue state rpm and speed no more…

  6. Why the hell Is every version that i have download ###### up! Evertime ets2 crashing! Anybody a answer for this problem

    1. Piratxxx11

      Because You are a not know HOW use mods… This truck WORK!! You are problem in your hands…only!! KID!

  7. The game just crashes.

    Version of the game 1.26.###

  8. Flying-Dutchman

    So I have the following problem
    I have the old v1.4 exchanged against the new v1.5
    And I have on the truck no Lightbox can also select none …..
    What I see is this: [model] Unknown variant name ‘yelow’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/lightbox/daf_xf_by_stanley/lightbox.pmd’

    Hope someone can help

    1. Flying-Dutchman

      I have found the Error …… It was related to a skin

  9. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel youtube.com/MrGermanTruck

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      Gute Arbeit geehrte 😉

  10. I’ve just upgraded from v1.4 to v1.5 and I have no dashboard lights or any needles on the dials. Any ideas? Same thing happens on a new profile with just this mod.

  11. 56boneshaker

    No needles on dials.anyone else got same?

    1. yeah me,but i can’t find the error, so maybe someone can help us? 🙂

    2. StanleyLepidlo

      It works without error on version 1.26

  12. Same here no needles on the gauges but I can work around it for now thanks for the update and a really good mod

  13. StanleyLepidlo

    It works without error on version 1.26

  14. @StanleyLepidlo

    In some interior materials the shaders are on .rfx instead .fx … this causes some log errors and display problems.

    Great truck … keep going 🙂

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      thank you for the advice

      1. bonjour j ai telecharger le 1.26 v 15 tous fontionne mais j arrete le jeux tous c fasse tous s eteint dommage

  15. Станислав

    присоединяюсь к вышеотписавшим почему мод такой проблемный?все версии мода что загружал на версию 1.25 почему-то крашатся ,сделай мод нормальный что он шёл у всех а не у 50% …

  16. Very nice job !! Can you make Daf euro 6 like this please ?

  17. Mod works perfectly on 1.25x or 1.26

  18. How about a 4×2 chassis in the future …

    Bad english sorry.

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      I’m thinking about it

  19. Same here no needles on the gauges thanks for the update and a really good mod

    http : // imgur.com / 2QAZzkd

    *Take out the spaces

  20. Thank you so much, Stanley, for the fulfillment of my suggestions!
    Waiting for updates and may be for the Euro 6 Daf by you!

  21. Sorry, but one thing else
    Can you rewrite “wabis steering wheel” to “4-spoke Old DAF” or something else, because Vabis wheel was ONLY on Scania trucks! This big error 😉

    1. StanleyLepidlo

      well and thank you you for the warning 😉

  22. Flying-Dutchman

    Hey Stanley a question when there is yet another
    Version should give you then perhaps still
    Install a stoneguard? Otherwise I can only say
    The DAF is a dream

  23. Don’t work for me 1.26.1s
    crash at launching

  24. Geiler daf aber irgendwie hab ich keine tachonadeln und auch keine anzeigen wie blinker usw

  25. Its a beautiful truck but it keeps crashing


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