DAF XF 105 by Stanley Vogel Skin

vogel-1 vogel-3 vogel-2

Skin Vogel for track mod DAF XF 105 by Stanley
Tested in game version 1.25
Author: Bayun4ik
Please dont re-apload without the author’s link
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15 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 by Stanley Vogel Skin

  1. Thank you for the skin Vögel!

  2. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Nice one, but why is the roof white ?!
    My dad have no white roof on his #Vögel DAF.

    1. This skin is made on the basis of a real prototype. The colouring of different trucks differs a little. You can look:

    2. The roof is blue.

      1. TheGreenlightTrucker

        Are you sure ?! On all pics it’s white.
        I load the Skin – roof is white.

        In real life it’s blue. I know daddy’s DAF ?

        1. Skin it is made on the basis of a real prototype. Can look:

        2. In real. But in the game is white.

          Your dad drive on DAF XF E6 ?
          I work for A.Ebner.

        3. This skin is made on the basis of a real prototype. You can look:

          1. TheGreenlightTrucker

            Bayun4ik: Okay, on Dirk’s old Truck, i didnt
            saw the roof. So, sorry, all okay ?

            wegger: Ja, E6. Aber zuvor XF105 ?

          2. Ok, i see. Old colour.

  3. respekt the work awesome, as i loadet the skin and change the skin the lightbox stays as vogel light box….. is not changing back on all the skin its stays vogel is this a bug maby?

    1. Thanks 🙂 I lightbox substitutes lightbox the author of the truck. That others skins worked it is normally necessary to disconnect mine skin in mod-menager.
      Excuse my English is a translator.

      1. thanks its working now i diseb…and works ,

  4. thanks for the work and sharing with us.

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