DAF XF 105 by vad&k (1.26) v 4.5

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Changelog for actual ver. 4.5
– Added new chassis 4×2 Low Deck
– Added tires 315/60 R22.5 (recommended for Low Deck chassis)
– Added option cabin SC
– Added external interiors for SC cabin.
– MX265 engine is no longer available !!!
– Changed logic of the fog lamp in bamere: external foglights switched on F4, domestic – together with the main beam.
– Added to the slots on top of the grille and the radiator grille chassis.
– Added 3 types of headlights in the front grill.
– Added a bracket with lamps under the short side skirts (ie skirts, mounted on the chassis 6x)
– Added a plastic strip on the grille of the chassis.
– Added to the navigator and the background for the navigator
– Added removable center console and carpets at the torpedo.
– Added deflectors at the side windows.
– Added LDWS sensor.
– Various fixes in the salons of the model.
– 6x revised standard chassis.
– Fixed found bugs.
– and other.

vad&k, SCS Software, 50k


19 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 by vad&k (1.26) v 4.5

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.26… youtube.com/watch?v=mvRP2b4vfj0

  2. mstfcbngl

    can you make normal chassis with low fender?

    1. Put on low Deck conventional wheels and you will be the chassis with low fender.

      1. mstfcbngl

        When I do that I can not use the physics mode of smhkzl

  3. please add dashboard for kuba141 thanks

    1. What is it and why?

  4. Very nice mod! I love to have a Holland Style DAF+XF105! Thank you for this awesome mod dude!+:)

    1. Thanks )

  5. Could you make a paintable fuel tanks which paint separately? Sorry for my lenguage skills

    1. Русский язык? )
      Fuel tanks modifying is not planned. In the future – possible.

  6. There+is+a+bug+of+handbrake

    1. what?

  7. Handbrake bug. It’s animation bug ?

    1. Mod uses the default animation in daf xf 105 from the game.

  8. Handbrake bug. It’s animation bug😉

  9. vad&k thanks for mod, its amazing i feel like in real 105xf. In my opinion you have to change 5 details to do perfect mod;)
    1. lowered suspension for standard and low deck (like in alexeyp mod)
    2. rear fenders like in alexeyp mod
    3. more realistic fifth wheel
    4. have to choose exterior model of mirror between stock and euro6, because in interior euro6 mirrors looks better
    5. gearboxes with 16 gear;)
    I write only my opinion but i hope you will still upgrade mod and maybe listen my sugest.

    1. Thanks.
      I do not understand what is wrong, according to paragraph 3?
      On the remaining items – while in the plans there.
      Not enough time and there are problems with the transition to the patch 1.27.

      1. Good to hear;) I hope trouble with export to 1.27 its only matter fo time. I think fifth wheel is to high with standard chassis, in low deck looks good and its maybe to low detailed (low poly)

        1. Maybe I misunderstood you.
          The fifth wheel on the usual chassis is as it should be. Look from the outer chamber when the trailer is connected.
          On the low deck chassis, the fifth wheel is made from the calculation of using only understated trailers.

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