DAF XF 105 by vad&k v 5.7 (1.30.х)

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Attention, be sure to finish all the shipments and sell your truck if you use any 6x chassis for a tractor!!!

DAF XF 105 by vad&k v5.7
– Completely redesigned EU interior. We added a lot of new parts and replaced the standard texture
– Redesigned external model.
– Advanced coupling supported.
– Support of all possible DLC on accessories and flags.
– Support for coloring – not complete. Coloring on the roof to go to is not entirely correct.
– A large number of tuning salon and exterior model
– Added some paint_job.
– Added several independent accessories in the cabin (requires the “DLC – Cabin Accessories”)
– Support the “DLC – DAF Tuning Pack” (requires the “DLC – DAF Tuning Pack”)
– Added several options for chassis and cabs.
– And other changes
Mod replaces the standard DAF XF105 of the game.

In mods, with the permission of the author, there are some materials from AlexeyP, Piva and Vasily EVR.

Currently supported game version: 1.30 end with DirectX, work on other versions – is not guaranteed.

Changelog for actual ver. 5.7
– optimized configuration files
– From the add-on DAF_XF_by_vadik_50k_addons, for the chassis 6×2, the accessory “50k DAF: Full Stock Plates” has been removed
– added full-size side skirts for chassis 6×2
– blocked chassis 6×2 with medium non-lift axle.
– reworked all chassis 6x
– added plates for chassis cover 6x
– added a set of side skirts for chassis 8x
– for cabs Space Cab and Space Cab Plus added options spoiler “euro6” (support for painting – not fully)
– metal surfaces are made more dull.
– fixed bugs and more.

Credits: vad&k, SCS Software
Credits DAF_XF_by_vadik_50k_addons: 50keda
Credits airconditioning mod: Elitesquad Modz, vad&k
Credits Kraker/NTM for the DAF XF by vad&k: Kast, Nordisch, vad&k
Credits of on-board computer: piva



23 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 by vad&k v 5.7 (1.30.х)

  1. tunning6000

    upgrade 1.31?

    1. on the SCS forum there is a fix for the patch 1.31

      1. tunning6000

        Thank you, I love your work, it’s the best

        1. thanks

  2. DAF Trucker GER

    Best work and modding for DAF, very good bro i love your work! 🙂

    1. thanks bro )

  3. QUICK REVIEW cable sets update:

  4. frankie1968

    Amazing quality…amazing work done. Thx so much for improving the game with this great mod.

  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  6. BEAST, frankie1968, Mr.GermanTruck – Thanks. 🙂

    1. Before this mod appeared I did not like XF 105.
      And only thanks to you this mod became my favorite.
      Thanks to everyone who participated and participates in the creation of this mod – 50keda, vad&k, Piva and others !!!
      Thanks guys !!!

      1. Thanks!
        I hope you will continue to please us with your video reviews. And not only my daf. 🙂

  7. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.31..

  8. Kenny Truck.

    test video

  9. привет. дайте пожалуйста ссылку на апгрейд 1.31. для этого грузовика. Очень хорошая работа. Рестект автору.

    1. In the mods manager, this fix should be installed with the highest priority.

      Фикс в менеджере модов подключать с самым высоким приоритетом


  10. Best DAF 105 mod ever! thx

    1. Thanks!

  11. Work 1.30 ?

  12. Hello, Vadik,
    thank you for your Truck MAN from Germany. 🙂
    But the Trailers did not work in 1.31 🙁

    But I have a very nice Truck now again. 🙂 🙂

    1. I almost did not understand anything. Why MAN? What trailers did not work?
      I understood only that you said hello to me, and that you have a good truck.

  13. darkexplorer64

    This is the most incredible DAF there is !!! HD Test:

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