DAF XF 105 Limited Edition Skin


Share their skin.Works on default DAF’s,DAF’s from the author AlexeyP and for 50Keda DAF’s.Game version 1.25



7 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 Limited Edition Skin

  1. DorleijnTruckspuiterijETS2

    i cant download it

  2. T. J. Detweiler

    Bei mir funktioniert es auch nicht! wenn ich es anklicke, öffnet sich jedesmal eine neue Seite von eurotruck-simulator

  3. Где шаблон взять?

  4. samual309


  5. When you click on download it directs you to the first page of this website – please fix the link!

  6. Link is bugged and not working. To download you only need a part of the URL in the link: http://rgho.st/6WRkJcF9L

  7. please get a new link because the old expired

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