DAF XF 105 Low Roof

Here is my daf 105
I am going to stop with modding and im setting this daf online so everyone can play with it.

Feel free to edit the mod but keep my credits!

If you want to skin the lightbox you need to go to


Mathijnn 50Keda


10 Responses to DAF XF 105 Low Roof

  1. Rancilio says:


  2. KiLLeR Modding says:

    Hello, can I edit the mod the way I like it and keep it edited for my self?

  3. vipal says:

    game crash when changing cabin please fix it and it is a very good mod just need a good skin like the De Gebroeders Kapitein

  4. Steve says:

    Is that you 50Keda? Too bad you’re quitting modding.. Is that a truck mod? cause it’s set under “parts and tuning”..

  5. Mathijnn says:

    It is based on the 50k. Everything what you see is on there.

  6. BrianK says:

    Hello, Very nice mod, Is it possible to change some things (Only DDS-Files) and then re-upload it with your credits? Because i’m looking for such a DAF mod since a long time ago especially with a Lightbox 🙂 Would be great! 😀


  7. bonsaier002 says:

    hi ,daf is problem change cabin ,cabin crash

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