DAF XF 105 SuperSpaceCab

Author: Petrik


4 Responses to DAF XF 105 SuperSpaceCab

  1. dallyborr says:

    Got two words for “this”…BAD, VERY BAD…ok thats three words.

  2. hex says:

    I downloaded a few of this guy’s mods at first, since they looked like interesting stuff I would want in my game. But after installing and deleting every single one of them my brain now goes into ‘avoid’ mode whenever I see the words ‘author – Petrik’, like some primal survival mechanism.

    If he ever uploads a mod in anything like a proper finished state for release I’ll happily say how awesome it is…. after I’ve been treated for shock.

  3. Alffaan says:

    @Admin, where the “work” or “not work” ?
    maybe that would help @hex or @dallyborr ~

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