DAF XF 105 v 1.0

DAF-XF-105-v-1.0-1 DAF-XF-105-v-1.0-2 DAF-XF-105-v-1.0-3

DAF XF 105 Truck

Authors: 50keda, SCS


41 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 v 1.0

  1. Jurjan Wouda

    where can I download the trailer of the second picture?

    1. here is the link, trailers are from tz express pack:

    2. The trailer is from Mr.Brutal and me. It’s not released yet because Mr.Brutal author of model didn’t gave permission for now.

      I hope too that it will be released 😉

      1. Jurjan Wouda

        I hope also. It is a very very nice trailer.

  2. I believe that’s part of Jazzycat’s package but not 100% sure

  3. Jurjan Wouda

    oke thx

  4. Nice Truck *-* Best DAF Mod! Nice Paintjobs too!

  5. Jurjan Wouda

    a really nice mod

  6. You’re a God among men!

  7. Joe Alker

    He’d be even more of a God if he used the original mediafire link.

  8. Scania1997

    very nice truck with a very realistic dashboard . good job .

  9. Laz Mohawk

    Only using 50k_addons because I do have sideskirts from Ohaha and interior from another.
    But GREAT ! to see a different truck been taking care of instead of those Scania/Volvo whores and their “POOOWER”


  10. Henri Pol

    GREAT!!! Only thing missing: Straight Pipes ,Paintable Bullbar & Danish rear bumper.

    Thank you! Great mod!

  11. abasstreppas

    Here’s 50k’s original download link, use it instead of the one op posted. As it is 50k’s wish 😉

    1. Joe Alker

      I already reported it, don’t worry. It’s just another thieving #######.

  12. TRUCK HD PREVIEW BY SCS: http://youtu.be/QY2BwPFzF48

  13. Great DAF MOD…THX!

  14. Il est peut-être beau mais il fait un rapport quand on skin son DAF :s:s

    It may be beautiful but it is a report when its skin DAF: s: s

  15. les veilleuses sont bugué sinon c’est un sans faute =)

  16. Laz Mohawk

    “Not me you specify which sites I visit. I do not do spam”

    Hmm….No spam ? What about here as fannydriver:
    Do I have to say more !? Pizzaface !!

  17. @dr_jaymz

    anyone can tell me whats the difference between this daf and the original in the game?

    1. TheComputerKid

      More customization. But this is a separate truck. So if you have the original XF, you will have to buy this one to get the features

  18. The BEST ! Very thanks !

  19. supersteve2345

    Too bad it only comes with LHD I always drive RHD, Be nice if it had stacks too 🙂

  20. Works fine, thank you!

  21. DanCoreRS

    wird es auch einen passenden sound für denn daf geben?

    weil leider kein sound Funktioniert =(

  22. On when I choose full cab paint I got only white painted hood and can’t change it to another one 🙁 Why ?

    1. Joey Boerenkamp

      I have the same problem. I also can;t place any curtains or gps in the cab.

  23. DanCoreRS

    hallo wann ist reeles für diesen daf sound ?


  24. It looks really nice,but I doesn’t work for my.

    I checked each DAF truck buyable, but with each one there are no new paint/customization possibilities.
    Has someone an idea.

  25. Having the same problem as Matt64. Cant’t find it anywhere. It also screws up the standard ‘Aqua’ paintjob.

  26. There are no options for me for the curtains and navigation help me

  27. can someone do a F.Murpf combo with that awesome Daf and a standalone trailer?
    Or that kind of trailer you get always but not the ki

  28. Kill4MeHILL

    Are there any sound mods that work with this truck?
    Thanks for All you have done 50k!

  29. Can you made an update pleaze! were i can use side-pipes and side-light even without a side-skirts 😉
    I’ll be very happy with that

  30. Владислав

    спасибо большое , мод отличный . Хотелось бы больше видеть таких качественных модов

  31. Jurjan Wouda

    a really nice mod!

  32. Do i need to buy a seperate truck to have this accecoires because it crashes my game every time i change to the collored cab

  33. Where do i find the truck? Its not at a \small\ DAF dealer so is it at a big one?

  34. fake headlights in the bumper, do them shine.

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