Daf XF 105/510


Authors: SCS, 50keda; Ventyres for wheels; Snaip for Hadley; Vanster; maz_man


14 Responses to Daf XF 105/510

  1. kentas says:


  2. kentas says:

    what replace?

  3. hex says:

    What exactly is modded/changed/added? It has only the name of an existing ETS2 truck. No info at all.
    Why is it an exe?
    If you’ve put a lot of work into it then surely you can present it in a way that tells us what it is and then we might have some idea of whether or not we would want to have it.
    I downloaded it out of curiousity, but it’s an exe. Maybe you have a preference for releasing stuff in that form, but when there is already no info on what it actually is or does not many people are going to bother with it.
    Maybe it’s something great, but who knows.

  4. kentas says:

    neeikia man su 1.1.1 versija,don’t work with 1.1.1 version

  5. Michael says:

    guys. it’s a rar file with an .scs file in it

    • Mak-Kyver says:

      should be..

      • Michael says:

        it is. I have downloaded it but it is bad. only one cabin and you can change almost nothing. only 4×2 axle no extra light positions

    • hex says:

      Must’ve been changed then.
      It was a rar file with an exe file in it when I downloaded it.
      Pity whoever changed it didn’t also take the opportunity to add some info… as in, any info at all.
      With so many half finished mods that look a mess when you actually instal them, and so many mods with so much additional stuff included that isn’t in the description and makes unexpected changes and potentially screws up the whole game, I think a proper description of what is in the mod and what it does is kind of important before we should bother downloading, let alone installing.
      And if the arguement is, “well it’s not our mod, we just found it and uploaded it”…well maybe that’s not such a good idea in the first place.
      Rant over.
      Now back to the other nice mods with info, yep they exist, really, even on this site :p

  6. kentas says:

    indėkit nauja atsisiuntimo nuoroda

  7. Decimal says:

    I agree Hex,

    Far to many crap links, for crap mods are being uploaded here, if this site only allowed uploading by the original author of the mod, then this site would be a WHOLE lot better …

  8. ETS2ComedySketch says:

    To be honest, it doesnt look different.

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