DAF XF 116 Jelle


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Complete the foundation of the real Shouwstra e6.
1. 60% built from the ground up with high quality.
2. Standalone
3. JSC texture
4. New Full Lightmask.
5. All functions are fully supported game modes.
6. Your own interior.
7. Fully optimized.
8. Has its own trailer. (Standalone)
9. adapted for Patch 1.24
Also in vogue has changed Flyer pack Abasstreppas
Mod is working on versions – 1.22-1.24

Dastagir, DRON4ik194.


13 Responses to DAF XF 116 Jelle

  1. Diablo says:

    Test 1.24 Video on my Youtube Channel youtube.com/Rafał PL

  2. chris429 says:



  3. MrSkyZ45 says:

    Skinning ?

  4. TeddyBear says:

    original wheels dont work on 1.24. :\

  5. AlexCrazy says:

    not for 1.24, all files in mod from 08-09.2015

  6. SheldoorHEI says:

    Awesome Mod really nice!! But ive got one Problem i got massive fps problems when im with the Camera in the normal driver Position (fps goes down from 30-40 to 10 max)

  7. Evolution says:

    Why does my game only lag when i break with this truck?

  8. alex-k says:

    Fully optimised?? Optimised for what? Too heavy, crashes game on medium hardware. Assume that this is the old model.

  9. chris429 says:

    Who can add this truck because its the wrong file ….?

    [ETS2 v1.20 – v1.22] DAF 106.510 Weeda + Interior – YouTube

  10. Woll Locke says:

    Nice mod on pictures!
    My system crash in follow with other mods or withoute.
    maybe have u a idear?

    sry for my bad denglish;)

  11. Gekurous says:

    When braking and the brake lights go on it lags alot?

  12. vdv trans says:

    yeah still working on 1.28

  13. jew says:

    Please 1.30

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