Daf XF 50k Tandem – ByCapital v1.5


As the title says. This mod adds tandem chassis for the Daf XF by 50k. This chassis addon has been made with much help by 50keda.

You must have the latest Daf XF by 50k mod activated for this mod to work.

I also recommend you to install Flemming V’s Tandem pack or Trailer packs to get trailers for this truck.

Or download my tandem trailers.

This mod comes with five tandem chassis for the Daf XF by 50keda. All chassis with options for both painted or plastic grille.

• 4×2 Tandem
• 6×2 Tandem Rear stear
• 6×2 Tandem Rear stear Taglift
• 6×4 Tandem
• 6×2 Tandem Taglift

Available tandem boxes are the same as in Flemming V’s BDF Tandem Truck Pack.DOWNLOAD Daf XF 50k Tandem v1.5

Changelog v1.4 to 1.5
Made compatible for the new wheel system

Please don’t reupload and do respect the credits.

Capital – Tandem chassis
50keda – Base truck and many chassis details
Flemming V – Tandem base

Capital, 50keda, Flemming V


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