DAF XF 50k v3.5


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•1.23 game update compatibility: removing obsolete UI attributes + proper initial wheels definitions
•tweaked UI shadows while in dealer
•added truck browser defs, so user can now preview truck in it
•added definition for UK truck dealers
•JoNnii-V8 -> 4 spoke wheel model
•kuba141 -> some of his dashboard screens

SCS, 50keda, kuba141, JoNnii-V8


7 Responses to DAF XF 50k v3.5

  1. nerowskyyMonster says:

    Do not download…… milion of files xD

  2. DJ Laddy says:

    u removed the top covers for the axel that lifts i no most mods do this but its so unrealistic in the uk no one has their trucks like that so it would be nice to have the option to take it on or off like RJL did for the scania (P.S im a massive DAF fan boy lol)

  3. Fred says:

    some special bullbars would be very nice!

  4. rjf says:

    so how do you install this ??

    • lexik223 says:

      Normaly, give .zip files to mods folder and switch them on in game. 😉

  5. Misha says:

    create plz adaptation for dlc cabin accesories or curtains.plz 50k.

  6. 50k Fan says:

    I wish I had a Window Grill or “Steinschlagschutz” for the Xf 105 50k. plz upload it 🙂

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