Daf XF & 50Keda sound mod Version 8


Hi all,

Here is my latest sound mod for the Daf, and it’s the 8th revision.

It works for the stock Daf, and the reworked one by 50Keda.

This is an open pipe sound mod.



20 thoughts on “Daf XF & 50Keda sound mod Version 8

  1. Video please.

      1. Hi kriechbaum.

        Nice Mod and complements on the out of truck driving skills in the video too.

        Nice driving.

  2. Thanks so much Kriechbaum!


  3. kriechbaum

    Thank you friend !!

    Merci l’ami πŸ˜‰

  4. thank you perfect

  5. RockyBalboa

    perfect work, thank you man!

  6. LazMohawk

    It’s so AWSOME !! Love even more to drive the DAF !! Thanks you !!

  7. Nice work! Much Thanks :))

  8. merci !

  9. perfect my friend!!very good job!!!ty very much!!

  10. I have told you already,it’s perfect my friend.

    1. kriechbaum

      Thank you friends !!! Happy that you enjoy the sound.

      I am not alone πŸ˜‰

      1. hey boss would you pls. update your volvo open pipe sound which i love to use in version to 1.10.1 its cool and i like your mod i think it has two deferent sounds engine and horn for fh16 and fh12 volvo truck

        1. kriechbaum

          Yes i will update it.

  11. Sportive17

    Kriechbaum. Looking forward to the new Volvo sound mod!

  12. could you also make an window down version, it sounds a little bit soft in the cab

  13. supersteve2345

    Can the Air dump noise be taken out, I think in the new patch it’s been changed I hear the mod air assist when shifting and the new game update too. It’s really distracting

  14. Kiechbaum, nice exterior sound but the interior sound does not work. The game reverts to the original interior sound. I am using ets2 v1.12.1

  15. Can you make it work on 1.16.2?? Its my favourite sound mod and i miss it when i’m driving my daf πŸ™

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