DAF XF 510 + Interior Addons

DAF XF 510 (1) DAF XF 510 (2) DAF XF 510 (3)

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DAF XF 510 Super Space Cab

– Adapted for 1.19.x versions
– Wheels
– Interior Addons
– Standalone
– Dirty Skin

Authors: Gayka, Maxim Strukov, SCS


8 Responses to DAF XF 510 + Interior Addons

  1. Макс says:

    Вы бы хоть долбаебы Никона в авторах указали, а то номера поменяли и все? новый мод? Хари охуевшие

    • Chrome says:

      Только хотел написать похожий комментарий,но ты меня опередил

  2. Marecki says:

    Great truck, thanks for the share!

  3. EneaMaconi says:

    Russian style 😀

  4. praneeth says:

    great truck very good tuning ,monkey doll ,fog lights etc excellent steering nice design ,,,,thanks to the authors but plzzzzzzzzzzzzz make more hp engines like 650 to 1000hp make new engine ,horn sounds for this truck it will b great if u make them

  5. Steini says:

    I has a little problem at first ferry trip, but it’s okay!

    I would wish me it gives a mod about paintable license plates/ number plates. So I can use my self drawn license plates around europe & world

    Here russia:
    and belarus:

    • Steini says:

      Oh, I meant for all original trucks, available over the buyable accessories. :/

  6. Fede! says:

    Hola como se instala?

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