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– Now fully work on 1.18
– 3 modes of light
– Interior
– 2 types of lattices (lower and upper): plastic and paint
– 2 types of mirrors (interior and exterior): plastic and paint
– 3 types of visor (interior and exterior): plastic, paint and clear
– The label on the bars, pipes on the roof, 2 species laytbara (included as additional light on the roof), mud flaps, side skirt, rear wing, the wheels are present in the archive, and the regiment blind (exterior and interior)
– Its shadow. Both static and dynamic
– Beautiful, there are metallic

Author: Vinzel


8 Responses to DAF XF 95

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Stop the reupload! !!!!!
    Is the same truck !

    • Nick says:

      He may have fixed the wheel issues….the mod you showed.And as he said in the Description ‘– Now fully work on 1.18’!!!

    • BanditGamingHD says:

      mr.german, dont be a hater, pls

  2. Gary Senker says:

    Mr.German is correct. Upload date was 2014-11-15 10:49:14. If Vinzel has updated this truck please correct the link.

  3. ScaniaNick says:

    Okok it is a re upload, but is it actually working on 1.18 now or?..

  4. jeff says:

    its a daf xf95 with a daf 95xf interior……..

    that kinda kills it for me. make a daf xf95 or a 95xf but not a mix

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