DAF XF 95 Cooiman

I have great news for everyone, due to Adam Dalton who thinked it was a great idea to declare his credit card stolen and get me in debt with 70 euros for a 40 euro custom order,his truck got released to the public.

For now my modding activity is stopped until further notice from PayPal since my account is locked.

The mod is fully working on 1.40/1.41/1.42.

XBX Truckstyling


10 thoughts on “DAF XF 95 Cooiman

  1. That is exactly what happend, when you sell or buy mods!

  2. AvM Transport

    Purple side windows,
    no horn sound,
    shader not found Lara, …

    Someone paid 40€ for this mod? ROFL 😀

    1. i think you should go cry somewhere else,fix it yourself if you are so smart and dont download free mods

      1. AvM Transport

        What’s your problem?
        If it’s a paid mod – it have to be error FREE!
        But it isn’t!

        I don’t want to fix it. I delete it.

        1. NEW LINK

          please delete it,i dont want people like you using my mod 😂 go play with rjl

  3. Defiant70

    Wow,two boomers here.
    Bla bla bla paymods are bad bla bla bla xD
    Trash community

    1. Sandking

      The only trash is see is you thinking paymods are okay .

  4. The link is down, could you upload it on Sharemods?
    It’s a beauty!

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