DAF XF 95 H.Weeda – 1.31.x

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– Standalone Truck
– 4 Standalone Trailers
– AO Texture
– Wheels
– Sound

Truckskill, ME

DOWNLOAD 63 MB Trailer

12 thoughts on “DAF XF 95 H.Weeda – 1.31.x

  1. You need to put those 2 files into the mod folder without extracting them!

    1. what is the password i want to put my name on it and remove weeda

    2. what is the password? i want to put my name on it and remove weeda

  2. REVIEW:

  3. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.31

  4. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here https://youtu.be/xKUDzBzj6tk , please can you make also a custom Man ? 🙂

  5. Gácsi Mihály

    password please

    1. SiMoN3 ETS2

      drop zip in mod folder without extract

  6. FoxOnTheBox

    HD Video tested on 1.31 – youtube.com/watch?v=TVmh_–S4Rc

  7. Jamie Wickstead


    1. Aaron D Jones

      yeah mines the same

  8. darkexplorer64

    Gameplay in HD with this DAF:

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