DAF XF 95 V2


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– Interior;
– Sounds;
– Metallic Support;
– Support for DLC in interior accessories;
– 2 cabin Type Space Cab and Super Space Cab;
– 7 Type chassis
– Wrapping the wheels (50K)
– 4 visor under SC and SSC
– 4 Baffle
– 4 blades in the bag
– 4 side curtains
– Top sleeping bag
– 4 type spoiler
– Wings
– Stickers on the wall of the cockpit the speed limit
– Sign on the wings of that truck without a trailer
– 20 license plate numbers of countries
Off – grid
– Original radio
– Mini fridge under spalink
Panel (wooden,plastic)
– Front mudflaps
– Foglights
– Overhead frame for headlights
– 4 types of seats (original,original leather case,full leather)
– Sticker “XF”(white and black)
– Lamps Of The Road Train
– Sign ADR (indoor,outdoor)
– Rust on the bumper
– Radio
The salon doesn’t like HDR (For an enjoyable game should be to turn it off)

-Minor bug fixes
-Addapted interior animation
-Changed metallic colours
-New HQ textures

50keda, by_Lexa, NevesuMatlez, SCS, RJL, Eugene Semeniuk, Kriechbaum, Commandoreone, Slash, Nikita Zhulkov and many others


21 Responses to DAF XF 95 V2

  1. eudorel says:

    bad interior light board

  2. deco47 says:

    Très bon travail. Dommage que l’intérieur ne soit pas un peu plus lumineux. Une prochaine correction, peut être !

    Very good work. Too bad the interior is not a bit brighter. A next correction can be !

  3. GMG says:

    Again and again the same sh it,the interior is to dark but the autor don t care,so don t download this truck!

  4. pl_tv_software says:

    VIDEO review on version 1.23s

  5. Kacper says:

    crash when i go to the DAF dealer . version of game 1.22

  6. James says:

    Would be good if this mod came with a UK interior aswell

  7. eudorel says:

    it,the interior is to dark

  8. nerowskyyMonster says:

    Tested with Cabin Accessories DLC
    But fix interior dark please —- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_JjLQcpr-E&feature=youtu.be

  9. Trucker_Bob says:

    please remove that license plate, I want without that russian or whatsoever license plate.

  10. FragmaniaGame says:

    1080p HD Test Video:https://youtu.be/bL_RgGtMTUM

  11. Joe says:

    The truck is awesome, one of the best truck mods out there.
    Just one request can you make an interior that does like HDR?
    The game is much less prettier with disabled HDR.

  12. Darren says:

    could you please tell me if the 6×2 chassis is fixed? the version before wouldnt go until a trailer, suspension was a little too high.

    thank you kindly

  13. Ivan says:

    Хороший мод!
    Но присутствует баг при сцепке, сцепится сложно, тягач выше чем прицеп. Звук сигнала с шумами непонятными. А так +++ ))

  14. sting says:

    nice truck), interior is to dark((

  15. Please says:

    password win rar for sound please ?

  16. Please says:

    pleasy tell me pasword for sound mod winrar please

  17. RomanianTrucker says:

    Best Daf i have seen but please fix interior light please

  18. Driver1998pl says:

    Worki in 1.26

  19. Peter says:

    Nice truck! But my dashboard cant vork! when i try to change the dasboard menu the game crashing. version 1.27.
    what is the problem? :/

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