DAF XF + Addons FIX


– Tire package
– Flare package
– Interior + Addon and more

Places for tuning moved correctly, fixed bugs with some parts of

SCS, axe666

DOWNLOAD 127 MB uploadfiles
DOWNLOAD 127 MB sharemods

8 thoughts on “DAF XF + Addons FIX

  1. laurentiu824

    for wich patch is it?

  2. work great

  3. laurentiu824

    thanks for your answer 🙂

  4. Laz Mohawk

    Do this Mod remove the roofhorn sound…like many multimods do ?

  5. trucker rob

    hi great mod for the daf, just wondering if u can incoorperate the extended cab mod into your mod as this would be priceless

    alternatively does anybody know if there is an extended cab mod for the current 1.9.24 version???

  6. You this mod because it lacks a cab extension, if the cab to extend this mod will be better.

  7. hm this dossent work on daf xf that i have in my dealers what am i missing =)?

  8. why are the same .scs files?


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