DAF XF by Stanley

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DAF XF 105 by Stanley 1.6 to version 1.26.4s

This model is independent. You can buy at DAF
This is a modification of the SCS – DAF XF 105

Tested to version 1.26.4s

mod is divided into two parts – a truck and sound

Unpack the archive “DAF XF 105 560 HP by Stanley 1.6.rar” folder (SCS)
Move to Documents Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod

– Added 4×2 chassis
– New custom auxiliary lights
– Added colorful light poppy
– Modified light box (glows yellow and white), and is removable
– Modified roof frame and added slots
– Adding blue and green light interiors

Remove old Stanley mode and replaces version 1.6

Any errors please report to [email protected]

Enjoy it!

Stanley, Nelson Silva, 50k, SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 40 MB [Mirror]

23 thoughts on “DAF XF by Stanley

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    HD Test Video on my youtube Channel Mr.GermanTruck

  2. just awesome! thanks for this amazing truck

  3. Thank you so much for this truck 🙂 Im glad to see that you keep it updated.

  4. I crash with this truck, only this truck activate in my mods !

    1. Try disable ALL other mods you have! I also had a crash then i found another mod made a conflict and now i can drive this awesome Daf. Also, make sure the SOUND part is above truck. The guy or guys that made the truck has done a wonderful job right from first edition and this update is also working. Just need to adapt your other mods.

  5. fullxpert

    Старая история продолжается игра крашится при выборе магазина…автору мода жирный минус за это,мне что все моды и весь тюнинг надо отключить и ездить только на Дафе Стенли это единственный мод с таким серьёзным косяком.Любые моды на траки идут хоть у меня 100 модов стоит а этот постоянно вылет.

    1. Полностью согласен,нахер такие моды сюда сливать!?Не понятно,сделал мод под себя,вот и катайся тогда на нём один!

  6. MARIO1973

    Another ghost truck, like the Scania 620 green.
    You load the mod, only the truck and its sound, with new character without any mod mas. You buy the truck, you see it and as soon as you go to the desk, you get out of the game. The same happens to me from the first version of this DAF, I repeat, I have put it alone or accompanied and it has never worked for me.
    Something positive, the tires are magnificent, very good work in them, I use them for my Scania and they look great.
    DAF can not comment because I have never been able to drive.

    1. The Angel of my life

      Disable all your mods.
      1. Load only truck in mod manager, go in game. Open Daf dealer Europe ( not Daf dealer in Britain)
      2. check the truck, but not touch anything, go out from dealer, go back to Mod Manager
      3. Go in Mod Manager and load sound daf xf by Stanley
      4 Go in Game, go in dealer and buy your truck. Do not customize truck because it will crash your game
      5. Check your game version, because in manifest file is writed that is truck tested in 1.26.4 game version
      Greetz I hope this will help

  7. I do not know why but when activated fashion (both parts) and turn the game immediately throws me to windows …..

  8. I tested on v.1.26.4 with lots of mod (I have a confusion in the mod folder)
    trucks, DAF high priority
    Sound background engine
    and everything works perfectly

  9. Now it’s perfect, I really like the DAF 4×2, just missing a mod tandem to be one of the best mods for Euro Truck 2.

    (Google Translator)

  10. @Stanley, i found a minor bug.. The Gamin/Gps does not show the GPS map, i think you forgot some files from old version. Because if i take gps folder from 1.5 version at :vehicle\truck\upgrade\ over to 1.6 and the gps folder from def\vehicle\truck\daf.xf.by_stanley\accessory\ over to the new 1.6. Then the TomTom/Gamin/Gps works. So that is how it’s fixed. Cause now it works on my 1.6version.

  11. imchasingyou

    if you need a cruiser around Europe, you need this truck
    works perfectly with tonns of mods for me
    1. little amount of external and internal tuning. Maybe it isn’t a pro, but this is Holland truck by default, not a truck construction simulator, so you can only choise some aftermarket stuff and go on without doubts between one lightbar or another
    2. based on stock scs/50k model. It works pretty well, don’t destroy your fpses, and interior looks sweet and very accurate. 50k made a lot of work to make this truck look much better then before, and Stanley made some step futher.
    3. Engine. 560 twin turbo with its own sounds rides and sounds perfect. You can slowly ride through busy cities of Promods or Southern Region or cruise around German highways with reasonable speed. It’s not accelerate like Scania’s or Volvo’s engines and you can feel the weight of the truck
    4. Own paintjobs. Nuff said, no need to search here for your perfect paintscheme, all you need is here.
    4.5. Truck is also paintable and it’s definetly a big advantage over other holland trucks so if you don’t need paintjob, you can make it metallic.
    1. Low quality of additional front headlights. Lightmask isn’t perfect and looks poor. And also far light and far left headlights on a bullbar turned a little and looks strange

    and a wish
    iphone on the deck is useless. Maybe do some additional info on it?
    Thanks for the truck

  12. the truck and especially the sound is brilliant! noticed a few errors but no crash. after upgrade (changed tires and rims) no more errors. having only 33 Mb it may be dependent of other truck mods or who knows, why it crashes to some people.
    I loaded together with other 50 mods and I have no problems 😉

  13. DAF_Lover

    Love this truck. Absolutely awesome! Would be nice if you could do the same to the MAN TGX.

  14. I really like this truck could you do an upgrade ?
    DAF XF 105 by Stanley 1.7 to version 1.27.xx

    Thank you for this masterpiece artist.
    Merci pour ce chef-d’oeuvre monsieur l’artiste.

  15. Works+in+1.27+for+me.+Gamelog+error+i+dont+know-+all+things+work+fine.+Great+DAF+Mod,+thank+you+Stanley+:)

  16. prosím verze 1.27 mod 1.26 pd hy

  17. I have converted the truck and all parts to 1.27 and everything works fine BUT the headlights don’t have a flare. The high beam lights are working fine. The headlights uses “flare.vehicle.headl” and this is standard. When i test it on vanilla DAF XF 105 it works.

    Does somebody has any idea?

  18. mr. GermanTruck you can also patch the 1.28 that would be super thank you in advance

  19. Hey so ein aniemertes lenkrad wer coll
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYZqTMa8d0I wer echt toll danke

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