DAF XF Crawler Reworked

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This is a slightly redesigned and adapted for the latest version of the truck.
Has 2 chassis 8×8 high and low.
The air suspension works (press the U key)
Added wheels (CAT)
Added headlights outside roadside lights (SASg)
Added a pack of rudders from ATS
Supports accessories in the cockpit. In the archive there is a mod to support .. For work you need SISL Mega Pack
On the accessories in the cockpit you still have to work. From the outside a little fly. But in the cabin everything is fine.
Connect as desired.
Has two interiors
DAF XF 105
It will look good in Severnoy Russia
Your opinion will be interesting.



17 Responses to DAF XF Crawler Reworked

  1. Vladimir says:

    Authors Mogome, Yuri Shitov, vovangt4

  2. Vladimir says:

    Reworked by Yuri Shitov, vovangt4

  3. Sheiter says:

    old old old old old

  4. Automobile Freak YT says:

    1080p hd test video at…… youtu.be/tzrjiX4S5AM

  5. OLIvideos_sk says:

    best mod ever

  6. baihui123 says:

    not servernoy true is northen you illeterate

  7. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30…

  8. tuner_75 says:

    Mod funktioniert gut geiles teil gefällt mir und ist mal was anderes … lvl. 1.30.

  9. Kei says:

    Any plans for International Prostar??

  10. Andreas Saksakulm says:

    the guy deleted the mod.

  11. marciel paz says:

    link off

  12. Ristow says:

    link off

  13. Emrah Daştan says:

    One of the most beautiful mods i’ve ever seen but the thing is; after activate it, all engine sounds are gone.. I’m really upset.

  14. Antonio says:

    Top, but when I went to use the Volvo, the truck was without sound, other sounds worked correctly, except the truck.
    Also noted that custom and metal paintings lock and close the game. Thanks for listening.
    PS: This is the only truck mod tested on the original map.

  15. Orcone says:

    All daf trucks but crawler without sound now (reworked version)

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