Daf XF E6 Paccar MX13 engine sound

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Hi all,

I hesitated to release that Daf sound mod because of the upcoming 1.37 beta for ETS.
But the sound was almost ready so i decided to finish it and to release it, so you can play with it at least for few days or few weeks ;))

I am aware that all the sound mods are broken with the upcoming Fmod, so i’ll have to learn that programm and be able to convert my sounds for the game.
We are all waiting for more informations from SCS about this, it should arrive soon.

So, about this sound, it works with the SCS E6 Daf, and the Schumi.

Hope you will enjoy it.



7 Responses to Daf XF E6 Paccar MX13 engine sound

  1. PolishDriverTruck says:

    Video Test 1.36…

  2. @dr_jaymz says:

    thanks Kapitan!

  3. Nikola_Donbass says:

    Nice work!!!

  4. Edwa says:

    Very good,thanks

  5. mmjsalsero says:

    another masterpiece

  6. erkan says:

    Very beautiful voice. Thank you so much.
    I also have a request from you. With which program do you convert the audio files to Ogg format? I am converting the sound to Ogg format for Game but it doesn’t work.

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