DAF XF Error Skin

This skin has been made in memory of everyone who attempted to make a truck skin, but failed.



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12 thoughts on “DAF XF Error Skin

  1. LOL been there done that mate

  2. STOP spaming this site with yours F#D SH!T !!!!

    1. He is not spamming anything. What’s your problem?

      1. If some one defecate so this is not a reason to share this with all !!!

        I address it to all sh!tmakers like this !
        Solid sh!t on the site at last time !!!

        1. TimeTimes

          Haters gonna hate.

          If you don’t like my work, stop commenting and move on.

  3. DAF Trucker GER

    The problem is that nobody wants something and it pollutes the truck!!!

  4. We needed a scientist to discover this great mod
    you have created a skin with the error (this is not a mistake of the game)
    ETS2studio does not need people like you, it does not create errors in the skins
    but this everyone knows except you.
    One thing I’m sure this mod does not even fix your little brain.
    Do not make fun of people.

    1. TimeTimes

      Do you have a problem, my friend?

      1. Yes my friend I have the problem of the skins with the error and your mod (solve error did not work)
        I am not practical of mods
        Please can you give me an explanation.

        1. @zoso, this mod is made with a good sense of humor, don’t take it so seriously 😉

  5. Seriously?
    The world is doomed! 🙁

  6. Oh gosh i’m laughing so hard when i read the description LOL don’t worry mate,i’ve got the jokes hahaha

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