DAF XF Euro 6 8×2 chassis 1.1s


chassis 8×2 standalone;
shadow model perfect match to the truck model;
support all DLC’s;
it comes with sound;


What’s new in 1.1s:
added big fuel tank behind the cab;
added 2 tool boxes behind the cab;
added 2 wheels on top of the tool boxes;
added big pipes (doesn’t change the sound);
added wheel blockers on each side;
added side covers for the big fuel tanks, tool boxes and wheels;
added back LEDS behind the covers, they will light up when you brake, when you put the parking lights on and when you blink left or right;
added back bar with 5 lamps along side the pipes, and will light up when you reverse;
Fixed liftable axle, now the midlift will raise when you press U;
Fixed front kerb weight, now support up to 100 tonns;
Fixed power and residual wheels.
More updates will come to this DAF when ever I have time.
manifest.sii files included;
Have fun and don’t reupload it 🙂

KiLLeR Modding


5 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 8×2 chassis 1.1s

  1. GJ dude 😀
    I’m gonna test it!

  2. can be 8×4?

    1. KiLLeR Modding

      in future updates there will be a 8×4 and maybe a 10×4 chassis

  3. “Have fun and don’t reupload it ?”

    Well .. And if I can turn your mod collection in moyoy? After all, the author of the idea of transportation of super-heavy cargo trucks and adaptation for this purpose, I am.
    And to me, this one is not engaged and did not do anything like that. I do not insist, I’m just asking. Your truck – my parameters and testing …… It would be quite logical. And nobody’s copyrights have not been violated ….

    PS Cursing is not necessary. Just answer yes or no. 🙂

    1. Sorry 🙂 Typo.
      It should read:
      And if I can turn your mod to my collection?

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