DAF XF Euro 6 8×4/8 v 2.0


– Fixed missing shadows
– Added 8×8 Chassis (user wish)

Authors: allabouttrucksim, Henki73


8 Responses to DAF XF Euro 6 8×4/8 v 2.0

  1. TimoBE says:

    Those rims look smexy. Can I have the mod fore these if they are not personale ofcorse.
    Bud to come to the point this mod works perfectley en yes the shadows are much better.


  2. mecatama says:

    this mod includ DAF sideskirt mod?

    • mecatama says:

      ooooops. includ. 🙂

      this mod not support litable axles.

      • allabouttrucksim says:

        Well, actually, yes… I’m pretty sure that they do so. If you only would take a look at the picture or test it for real you would see that it does.

        • mecatama says:

          dont worry. i enjoy this mod. 🙂
          i hope 8×8, 8×4 file divide.
          8×8 feel too OP. i use 8×4 chassis

  3. Adolf95 says:

    You should add additional fuel tank as an option.Kinda hard to move around Europe with a small fuel tank.

  4. Ira says:

    This is compatible with 1.16.2 right?

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