DAF XF Euro 6 Mega Mod Pack


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DAF XF Euro 6 Mega Mod Pack for ETS2 1.14.x game version.



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9 Responses to DAF XF Euro 6 Mega Mod Pack

  1. Jhon says:


  2. Fane says:

    Exist low chassis?

  3. Gnitto says:

    game crashes when i try to add the 50k fog light.

    • Tom25 says:

      The same happened when I put fog lights on the truck. The rest of the parts are compitable

    • MooiWark1992 says:

      1. PC spec’s.
      2. Un install other not needed mods

  4. Adamisch says:

    The fog lightsaft arent compatible with the beta version

  5. MrGermanTruck says:

    This is a Re-upload ! Where is the right Credits ??
    Here is Origial Video from 25.10.2014 !

    Original Credits:
    SCS, Modsbyrob, MisterOlla, edit MrGermanTruck

  6. Modsbyrob says:

    Thank you MrGermanTruck!! I was just about to call him out on it.

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