DAF XF Euro 6 Russian Metallic Paint Job


You need remove other Chereau trailer to avoid conflict
Working in DAF XF Euro 6 by ohaha v 1.24

Please, If you like and want to share in another website, use the original link from mediafire.

Skins: Wongcroft Trailer: Unknown


21 Responses to DAF XF Euro 6 Russian Metallic Paint Job

  1. vlksmm says:

    And for VOLVO You can create one such skin?

  2. Grandpa says:

    I don’t understand why people makes skin thats conflict with other skin

    • Wongcroft says:

      Is simple. The author of the trailers does not allow to make changes in your files and I respect that.

  3. Turboiron says:

    Me this would be a shame to drive…

    • Alex Baizel says:

      Раз тебе стыдно, то иди нахуй черт ёбаный

    • Wongcroft says:

      Learn to respect the other’s country, the world doesn’t need ###### like you.
      I am Brazilian and I’ve made skins of Portugal, USA, Romania and now Russia… It is not the country where the person lives or their culture that defines them but their attitudes on the day, for example: it is not because you are a stupid ##### that others in your country too is. .. We live in different countries but in the same world.

      • boychyk says:

        You’re not from Brazil and from the Moon

        • Wongcroft says:

          And you’re a son of a b i t ch who shames his country.
          Go to school and when to learn at least the write back here … D i c k brain!

          • boychyk says:

            ты такой бразилианин как я марсианин

    • Tazik63.ru says:

      кому стыдно тот пускай сидит дома и в тряпочку сопит

  4. Alex Baizel says:

    Вы тупые бандерлоги – парашники))))))))))))Не надо игру с политикой путать ОЛИГОФРЕНЫ!!!

  5. Tazik63.ru says:

    для scania T можно сделать

  6. kosmos says:

    Сделать бы его на все грузовики 🙂

  7. boston says:

    Wongcroft – Respect!!!

    Alex Baizel – You stupid & f u c k i n g bandera!!!
    Я писять на тебя тупой гандон и плевать на твой могила!!! Ты писать по Россия и ненавидеть их?! Жалкий ты чмо и кончен урод, таких и ты нужно расстрелять в голова!!! F u c k you!!!

  8. boychyk says:

    My God and wool got here

  9. Turboiron says:

    maybe you can even Nazi Germany the skin do? 🙂

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