DAF XF Euro 6 standalone re-edit


This is an edit and bugfix of the DAF XF Euro 6 for ETS2 by serega2012 and Lixsodey. It’s now a standalone truck available in mainland European DAF dealerships. I have also removed many unused and duplicated files, shrunk some needlessly large textures such as 2048 pixels of flat black, and reduced the filesize by almost 90%. The glass and chrome materials are corrected, and the truck should no longer produce material errors in the game log. The side mirrors are now available in paint and chrome too, and all accessories that fit can be purchased. The engines are mildly revised to reflect the new PACCAR MX13 Euro 6 specifications. Finally, the bright orange paint used on a lot of DAF Euro 6 demonstrators is added as an option.

Full credits:
3D model: serega2012
Author envelope: Lixsodey (Lech Kolosov)
Standalone edit, tidying up: pez2k


62 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 standalone re-edit

  1. Tomcrafft

    Can i use the skins fo this truck ?

  2. TYVMuch very good fantastic job

  3. Great mod. I’ve just tested this and it’s working fine. It appears at the third slot in DAF dealership.

  4. Joe Alker

    Is the registration fixed into the texture or as it is in the default trucks

    1. The plates are textured on sadly – I don’t own zModeler 3 to be able to fix it.

      1. Is this file with number plate editable? Then we can make our own number, am I right?

        1. Yes, it’s in ‘seat.dds’.

          1. Thank you for your help. I enjoy this mod. It’s working fine for me.

      2. You do not need zmodeler has blender2scs.

        1. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll try it out.

          1. MSrihardi

            I have Blender scs but i cant use scs addons because it will crash when i choose user preferences mayb you can help me vboba89

          2. What version of Blender use and which version of addons I use blender 2.7 and 0.2 and addons for all perfektno.Pogledaj video tutorials may be wrong somewhere in the settings?

  5. The truck is nice but I still do not see the point why trucks are made without the original interiors.

    1. the new XF uses the same interior as the xf 105

      1. Nope, the new XF has a totally new interior

  6. I really love the re-edit you do to the release of the new truck, maybe you did the re-edit of the Actros? anyway, my game crash pretty often with this mod sadly, but it is amazingly good looking and well made πŸ™‚ cheers mate!

  7. Sarkissian

    I made a traffic file for this truck, but it’s a pitty there is no company icon to make it a quickjob truck!!!

    1. Is there any chance to get your traffic mod for this DAF? Are you going to share it?

      1. Sarkissian

        Yes, I will upload it as soon as I have tested it properly, saturday or sunday it should be up.

  8. Hello, thank for the mod tractor DAF, in the file “def” vehicle \ truck \ daf.xf.euro6 \ interior \ exclusive.sii

    you put twice the same line:

    retarder_stick_anim: “/ vehicle / truck / daf_xf / interior / retarder_st.pma”

    In your next update fix this small error.

    I do not know if it can crash the game, but I tell you.

    Excuse my English, I use Google translation.

    1. Well spotted, thanks, that seems to be left over from the original mod.

    1. Thanks mate!

  9. Ok, good continuation

  10. Leah Elena

    this truck wont work for me!
    I tried starting new game but every time I try to visit a DAF dealer my game crahses and this is the only DAF I have in my mod folder.

    1. Sarkissian

      It works perfect for me!
      check if other mods are conflicting. If not, are you using a 32 bit Windows version?
      ETS 2 works best with a 64 bit Windows, better memory handling, more stable!

  11. truckBoy1995

    can i find this truck in any daf truck dealers?

    1. It’s now a standalone truck available in mainland European DAF dealerships.

      hard too read isn’t it

  12. @Leah Elena and Sarkissian

    Exactly incompatibility between mods, it can also occur if you do not have the correct patch. 1.3 or 1.3.1

    Suitable example for the truck to patch

    must be changed in the def file

    – Remove 12_speed_ret.sii
    – Modify interior exclusive.sii (remove the line retarder)
    – Remove the volume lines for engines <engine file
    – To finish two small change in the file truck_dealer

    For my part I tested the mod on 1.3.1 and version and I have no problem.

  13. Leah Elena

    I use the patch.
    I have checked my log file and it only gives error about the truck. not that it crashes with other mods. :\
    I took out another daf xf105 that I had but still it wouldnt work. πŸ™
    all other mod trucks I have tried have worked fine but this new DAF I’ve tried everyone that is for download but still it wont work. πŸ™

    1. Sarkissian

      This truck does not create errors.
      If it does in your game it is conflicting with another mod.
      I could tell you if I saw your game.log file.

      Regards, Sarkissian.

  14. David King

    It does not work at all game is always crashing even with this as only mod in game.

    1. It seems to be problem with your game or hardware, truck is working fine.

    2. Sarkissian

      Could be your game or your system!
      What PC do you have, what operating system, how much memory, etc…?
      So many variables that can make your game crash, this truck works fine and without errors on my pc.

  15. Leah Elena

    I had a friend looking at the truck dealer file and he did something to it since you didnt write what to change. but anyway… I did the rest as you wrote so it should work for 1.2.5 but the game still crashes, but the log file doesnt give any error about the truck.
    and yes the truck DID create errors.

    I use win7 32 ultimate with a 2.8ghz dc cpu from intel pentium, I have 4 gb of DDR2 memory, gforce 5600ti 1gb video card and the game runs smooth.
    I have alot of mods but I cant see anything that suggests that it should crash with the truck.
    and this is the only truck I have downloaded for ets2 that just wont work!! the rest have worked fine. and atm I only use my own scania for truck mod.

    1. download the version 1.3.1 works fine I have 15 mods and this one and works great.

  16. Leah Elena

    No I dont wanna use 1.3.1 because I have tested it and it sucks. Because when I tried backing up with a truck I had problem stopping if I got over 4 kmh!
    Thats why I went back to 1.2.5 because that error isnt in the patch.

    1. It isn’t problem caused by the patch! At the most times, it is caused by some mods for physic or driving.

  17. @Leah Elena

    To work with the 1.2.5 patch

    “def” file
    – Remove 12_speed_ret.sii
    – Modify interior exclusive.sii (remove the line retarder)
    – Remove the volume lines for engines <engine file
    – Truck_dealer, Replace this line :

    vehicle_accessory : _nameless.2343.C238 {
    wear: 0
    data_path: "/def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf.euro6/transmission/12_speed_ret.sii"

    by it

    vehicle_accessory : _nameless.2343.C238 {
    wear: 0
    data_path: "/def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf.euro6/transmission/12_speed.sii"

    – After the second no significant change. mx 300 engine instead of mx375.sii

    vehicle_accessory: {_nameless.2343.BB38
    wear: 0
    data_path "/ def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf.euro6/engine/mx300.sii

    After modification, if comion does still not work with patch 1.2.5 or

    I do not know what to tell you more.

  18. This mod is very nice. Many thanks πŸ™‚

  19. This mod works fine with 1.3.1, I use a lot of mods, and have no crashes.

  20. Leah Elena

    Well I’ve tried now everything that you have said.
    And the game still crashes! I have checked the log file and it says nothing of the truck now!! πŸ™

    1. Sarkissian

      Switch to Windows 64, you will not regret it!

    2. Sarkissian

      Did you make a traffic file for the 6×2 or 6×4 chassis?
      They do NOT work in traffic and let the game crash WITHOUT an error message in the log file!!
      Just to let you know.
      (that problem can only be solved with Zmodeler)


  21. Sorry I can not do anything more, which is weird no error message when your game crashes

    Normally if you do not have an error message for the truck is that the mod is good.

    I think a conflict with another mod, I do not know …: (I’m not a specialist, either your hardware perhaps?

    1. Leah Elena

      yeah that makes ALOT of sence. change hardware to make a mod work. πŸ˜›
      well then my question is…
      what other mod could it conflict with when the only other truck mod I use is my Scania from gts?
      and why is it only happening with this truck?
      and I doubt it would change anything to switch to 64 bit. no offence.

      1. Sarkissian

        Show your full game.log

        I’ll take a look.

  22. I agree, you are not going to change the configuration for a single mod (I’m trying to help you).

    As said Sarkisian put game.log in your next message.

  23. Leah Elena

    Here is the link for the log file:


    1. Sarkissian

      There’ no error message in your game.log, just a missing mod (EnhancedTraffic.scs)

      Also when your game crashes it leaves no error message, I had that when I tried to use a 8×4 chassis in traffic, but I don’t think that’s the case with your game.
      Only way to figure this out is to try your game by disabling all mods except the Daf Euro 6 mod and then one by one adding mods ’till your game crashes. Then you have found the mod that’s giving you this CTD.
      I hope my explanation is a bit clear to you.

      Regards, Sarkissian.

  24. Hi i have the problem with the Trailer the trailer push the Truck Cabin to the bottom. πŸ™

  25. Leah Elena

    well I patched the game now to the newest patch and the truck works. but now my question is.
    is there any template for it?

  26. Hi all, thanks for this great truck.
    I’m using the 6×4 chassis and with some trailers there is the problem that I can’t attach to them. Just accepted a job with the original panel wall trailer.
    The truck does not fit beneath the trailer, the truck hits the trailer before I get close. As there would be an invisible wall or something and the truck gets damaged.
    I thought it might happen because the 6×4 chassis uses the “old” daf collission box (collision: “/vehicle/truck/daf_xf/truck.pmc”)?
    The “old” daf with 6×4 chassis is much longer than the euro6. This would explain to me the “invisible wall”.
    Anyone experiencing the same problem?
    thank you very much

  27. Hi all,

    just to verify the issue with the 6×4 chassis and the collision box.
    Drive with a 6×4 chassis backwards against a wall or any other obstacle and you will see that you hit the obstacle without the truck touching it.
    Cool to to drive backwards against the AI traffic.
    Will you fix this?
    please, thank you

  28. simon melkert

    this nice mod is not working on version 1.1.1, please, build this mod for 1.1.1

  29. Those “needlessly large textures” happen to look very when playing on 1920×1080.

    1. very good*

  30. Hotrodder

    Will you ever make a skinpack for it? cause I would like it to be more colors then one πŸ˜›

    1. Hotrodder

      Just one*

  31. can you select more than one mod at once

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