DAF XF Euro 6 – W.P de Koning BV

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Myself and DavyBertoCustoms have been up to something for the past month or so, here is the outcome.
-Fully AO baked
-Custom sound.
-5th wheel cover addon.
-Custom HUB addon.
-Full Lightmask


This truck is all one part weighing in at 1603928 Poly. Please do not complain saying “it’s causing lag” as it is 100% expected. Certainly not for weak PC

This is a Standalone DAF XF Euro 6 – W.P de Koning BV
This mod is ready to be put in mod manager and to be used right away.
Tested on 1.30.
Please note i’m the owner of the Truck please respect the download and do not re-upload.
Visit my facebook page for more mods and information.
Or Visit Davide’s page more awesome skin work!

-Please note that this is only version 1.0 of the mod, this mod will be regularly updated with new parts such as interior ect.


-Enjoy, Zeeuk1 & DavyBertoCustoms.

Zeeuk1 Modz & Skins / DavyBertoCustoms



15 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro 6 – W.P de Koning BV

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

    1. hehe badvideo!

  2. A realy nice work- looks like the original. Well done. Thank you for sharring.

  3. the interior that you will add can you make it so stock in game DAF’s have it beacuse this truck makes my game lag

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    Nice HD Video Test 1.30…

  5. neranjana

    HD Video Test

  6. RiflerGamer

    Nice truck with good optimization!
    Test on 1.30:

  7. Why so many video links! All you thirsty people creating video for views. Zeeuk1 clearly made his own video so there was no need for all of you to make “advert video” and post link in comments just for VIEWS! ETS2.LT Sort this out!

    1. Ets.lt won’t sort anything out, simply because there is nobody who takes care of this website. There were spammers, people that posted fake mods and even viruses in links that I reported and no one took care of. This site has gone down lately. Have a good day

    2. @joe – @Zeeuk1 – your video is absolutely uninformative !!!

      Dude no one cares how you change the wheels in 25 seconds and then 8 minutes you drive on the road with a view from the cabin only !!!

      And it is good that there are those who though somehow understand how to do reviews !!!

      1. It clearly says in the description of the mod that the mod is 1 piece in 3D. There’s no upgrade option apart from 5th wheel cover. You’d know this if you downloaded the mod.

        Also you don’t understand they only do it for money from youtube. Looser!

  8. A beautiful truck, thank you for making it! I was wondering, is the steering wheel animated for adjustment? And if so, how is this controlled? Thanks

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