DAF XF Euro6 8×4


8×4 Chassis for DAF XF Euro6

Tested on patch




4 Responses to DAF XF Euro6 8×4

  1. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Video uploaded with this truck already hard at work somewhere in the East Express 4.0 map…..

    (there’s extra mods that I added for myself on this truck so, you may not see the same exact things when you download yours)

  2. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello, After playing with this mod for a while, I started to ‘experiment’ with it. Started adding & deleting stuff to the mod. Some things worked, & some didn’t. This is a result of my ‘experiments’

    Now you probably won’t see this for download for a while. I wouldn’t put this up for download because, it’s parts/pieces of mods that’s been made by other authors & I appreciate & respect the time & effort they put (whether or not) it works into the mods that are published & I wouldn’t take credit for something that isn’t mine.

    So to the modders out there, here’s an idea to add another chassis to the Daf Xf Euro6.


  3. aslan says:

    can you make chassis other truck ?

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