DAF XF Euro6 dashboard for 1.39 game version

Version 2.2 fixed to version 2.3 for 1.39
Changed LCD fonts to SCS new one.
Added Battery voltage
Replaced Engine running time to Trip average speed on Consumption tab
Added cruise control gap info.
Changed turbine bar to another behavior



5 thoughts on “DAF XF Euro6 dashboard for 1.39 game version

  1. Unknown Unknown

    good mod, works perfectly

  2. HD Video Test 1.39

  3. Does it work with Daf Rework by Schumi?

    1. DafDriver69

      Did it work?

  4. Doesn’t work under macOS. Yes, I know, you guys think everybody is using Windows but there are still Mac users around. And the game fully support the current version of macOS…

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