DAF XF Euro6 “DHL”


Tested version 1.14.x
Skin Fred_be


6 Responses to DAF XF Euro6 “DHL”

  1. HAKAN says:

    Goood JOB Fred!

  2. BNLTRANS says:

    Dear Fred_be.

    I see that you very handy with creating truck skins 🙂

    I hope to find somebody who can creat very simple and basic skin for my ETS adventures 🙂

    Im looking for the new DAF XF Euro 6 skin. What I would like to see; Just basic “white colored skin – standard” with 2 added stickers “G and L” down next badge like at this truck: https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3814/11391980963_1638fa5578.jpg

    Maybe You can help me get this?

    Greatings from Holland

  3. Fred_be says:

    For the painted grille must mod MatDom1988

  4. eliaknuj601 says:

    Hmm… This mod doesn’t feel Fred_be-ish. All of your skins looked realistic, but this one… The biggest problem is the painted grille. I prefer the standard one. This mod would be perfect if the grille and sun visor wasn’t painted, and the bumper was plain yellow. 🙂

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