DAF XF Holland Edit


Very great DAF, looks fantastic!
Work with all new versions, but may work on old versions too. On this DAF you can add more details and tuning. Suitable with all mods and all maps.
Enjoy this great mod.

HollandBoy, Markus


10 thoughts on “DAF XF Holland Edit

  1. Looks like daf 50k…

  2. video ??

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY4hvFxT6Xw
    Ну и нахрена заливать срань баговую повторно

  4. icebeer75

    Thats not the Daf From The Pictr Thats a Daf euro 6

  5. Przemek82W

    The same mod and other authors !!!


    Explain this to someone?

  6. Re-upload?Taking credit from someone else’s mod? Most likely second one.

  7. On newest version it’s not working…

    1. same problem , crash 🙁

  8. Really nice mod and love driving this truck. The curtains and red cabin light should be optional though. Other than that, good job! I’m going to keep this one in my selection!

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