DAF XF Hovotrans skin + Modpack


DAF in traffic has it’s own colors

Buy all Hovo tagged parts to make truck complete, don’t buy rear wheel 4
tagged Hovo ecause game can crash

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Author: Freddy Jimmink


9 thoughts on “DAF XF Hovotrans skin + Modpack


  2. this looks good!

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Thank You and enjoy,


    Freddy Jimmink

  4. BobTruck56

    Hello Freddy, I rarely use any skins and very few mods in my profile. First, most skins are sometimes poorly done, people simply adding ‘anything’ (copy/paste) on existing models and second, it often causes problems in the game from crashes to various stuff written in basic files that can not be restored. But I must say I’m impressed by your work, this truck looks very nice and I would like to try it. Before installing, I just wanted to know if anything else will be affected in my game (like other DAF that I already own) and will I be able to choose your paintjob from the ‘Paintshop screen’ and other parts from the upgrade section or is it a truck we have to buy and it will replace other DAF’s. Thanks in advance for your comments and congratulations for the job.

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    Hello Bob,

    Thanks You for Your comment, real great,

    You have to buy a stabdard DAF at any DAF Dealer,

    Than YOu buy at the dealer or in a garage/workshop all
    accessories wich are tagged “Hovo” and buld Your truck the way You want it,

    After that You can drive Your customized truck and DAF’s
    in traffic will not be affected with strange colored parts,

    Only 1 bug i discovered is don’t buy rear wheel 4 of hovo, it might crash Your game,

    I hope You will enjoy, and feel free to ask,


    Freddy Jimmink

  6. Great job as always Freddy you rock

  7. Hey Freddy Jimmink, hele gafe skin!! al begonnen met Wichers trekker?

    Hey Freddy Jimmink, vere cool skin!! have you started yet with de Wichers truck?

    greetz BarKro

  8. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks guys,

    @ barKro i forgot, sorry, it will come soon



  9. Amazing mod, but i have one problem.. when i choose one of the painted rims my game crashes. but the rest of this mod is briliant! 🙂

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