DAF XF Kırkayak

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Def:Alperen Sağlam
Şasi:Cemil Ramazanoğlu Düzenleme Bana Ait.
Edit:Mert İrşi
Araçta Bulunanlar
10 Adet Farklı İnterior Işığı O Harfi.
Araca Ait Motor Sesi
Dingil U Harfi

Def: Alperen Scott
Chassis: Cemil Ramazanoğlu Arrangement Me.
Edit: Mert Irish
10 Pieces of different interior light O letter.
Car Motor Container
Axle Letter



One Response to DAF XF Kırkayak

  1. TomDooley says:

    A completely lazy mod with exaggerated modifications, and details of the truck is flat, both on outside and inside.

    The whole look of the DAF truck is ruined at the hands of an inexperienced modder who obviously lacks proper talent with truck editing.

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