DAF XF Rear Bumper (Working Multiplayer) v 2.0

rear-bumper-2 rear-bumper-1

!!You NEED to have the Scania griffin DLC!!

I drove already days in it and it’s al fine and save to use, no crashes or anything. It works harmless for everyone and other players with the DLC can see it on your truck. (Tested with friend and asked other players)

1: Install mod in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mods
2: Open SinglePlayer, activate the mod from ”mod manager”.
3: Attach the trailer and save the game.
4: Open MultiPlayer and load the saved game.

Rob Viguurs


2 thoughts on “DAF XF Rear Bumper (Working Multiplayer) v 2.0

  1. Quent1_Fr

    What’s new ?

    1. Rob Viguurs

      Actualy the scania bullbar but discovered its the wrong file i picked. But its the progress of soms cleaning up to prevent one bug and changed bumper 2 to 3 on the First because i changed My Mind on that slot. I Will try to put More scania Stuff on the daf, de bullbar works abd is tested in MP. So tommorrow or taursday the mod Will be uploaded with bullbar and hopefully More Stuff

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