DAF XF Tandem Moeijes


Tested version

Credits: Flemming Vinge, SCS and Blender (with 50keda’s Blender plugin)
Skin: Fred_be


6 thoughts on “DAF XF Tandem Moeijes

  1. Perfect mod mate really spot on! I’m wondering could you possibly make an Aa van Es skin, as it also is a Dutch transport company mostly driving tandems

  2. Merci pour ce mod Fred!

  3. Could you make an Althuisius skin for a DAF XF tandem, like on my profile picture. It would be very nice when you also made the ´tuning´ like the beacons on top, the Friesland shield on the front and the DAF mudflaps. Here I have a link where you can find other pictures from Althuisius. http://buzzybeeforum.nl/viewtopic.php?f=153&t=5609&start=240

    Ps. nice mod

  4. Thank you for a great mod Fred_be (y)

  5. TruckerNL

    How can i add it on my truck??

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