DAF XF v 3.0


YouTube preview

Version 3.0:
– Adapted to 1.19 standards with description files and preview image

– GIMP 2.8
– SCS Blender Tools

50keda, SCS, JoNnii-V8


10 thoughts on “DAF XF v 3.0

    1. rmtrucker

      Where is the painted sunshield?

      1. 50keda does not upload his mods here !
        Support in scs forum only !

        1. rmtrucker

          I know it!
          But here is a picture with a colored sunshield and I ask the uploader, because he has upload this pic!

  1. JoNnii-V8

    Thank you for at least giving proper credits 😉

  2. Link for the wheels and rims?

  3. Original DL:

    Someone can’t read.. 50K writes itself:
    “DO NOT re-upload this package to others file providers!! “

  4. SergiuTGA

    Nice mod, thank you!
    Can anybody help me with some accesories of this truck? I do not have any tuning accesories for it. HELP!

  5. Great mod!

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