Author: Taliveski 78

– Chassis lowered at the front
– Back mudflap removed to leave the block of lights
– Block taillights with additional lights and flap
– Added chrome bumper parrot
– Added scale behind the cab
– Added fog lights position
– Soft cover chrome
– Backpipes chrome
– Possibility to put a driver plate in the middle of the windshield


18 Responses to DAF XF V1.0

  1. Pepiito83 says:

    Autor is Pepiito83 !!
    Thanks !!

  2. BartvHam says:

    Are all the accessories attached? Or can you choose them in the shop?

  3. Pepiito83 says:

    Chrome parrot and pipes is attached

  4. Fitri Harrison Fazir says:

    How do you lower the chassis?

    • BartvHam says:

      mods that lower a chassis require a reboot of the game. (NOT a new savegame, but just save, quit to windows and start the game again)

      • Fitri Harrison Fazir says:

        I mean modifying of any scripts to lower the chassis.

  5. BartvHam says:

    You can only move the wheels by changing some code (don’t exactly know what) but that does not lower the whole truck. You need ZModeler for that.

  6. v8 says:

    mod bull bar parabrezza scania please antenne cb k

  7. Steven alias W7K says:

    Sorry but the mod doesnt work by me

    [model] Model descriptor ‘/vehicle/truck/daf_xf/truck.pmd’ has incorrect file version 3412519136 – expected version 4


  8. glen says:

    It dosent work for me

  9. Pepiito83 says:

    It does not work? It is great then!
    That will learn has certain thieves to avoid making it be thought of as the creators!
    you Kesla … part to spend your day on this site criticized everybody as a tramp, comes the respect! Jester!

  10. Kalsa says:

    Nice google translate.
    I criticize people who make ####.

  11. Pepiito83 says:

    LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. V8ModdingV8 says:

    Is it locked? I want the rearbumper for scania ;p

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