DAF XF105 V8 Sound LT


V8 Engine sound for DAF XF

BaseGriecha, ValeraRUS, DomasTIR


13 thoughts on “DAF XF105 V8 Sound LT

  1. tryout video??

  2. V8 sound? please stop….

    1. Pam Christaman

      You’re right though.

      1. when i want a v8 then i drive a scania … daf doesn´t have a v8 engine … so for what that you build a sound for this ? …

        1. Lol. Maybe you can “role-play” and imagine that you’ve changed the engine for Scania one, did some tuning.

  3. DAF trucks NEVER used V8 engines 🙂

    1. Tyrannix2342

      DAF does not produce to their trucks V8 engines

    2. peter pan :P

      Daf used Cat engines as well or is it cumin’s? but there is some Daf XF trucks here the UK that run v8 engines (older dafs) , but they are owner driver units , but yes there all mainly 6 cylinder engines as far as i know lol , my dads friend has the 13 speed eaton fuller gearbox in his with strait pipes sounds better than a v8 scania 😛

  4. ##### Daf have R6 Engines not V8…

  5. I think older DAF truck were available with custom V8

  6. No video?

  7. The sound is awesome it may contain incorrect info, but the sound is good

  8. ya the guys right its amazing sound from the outside best sound for DAF yet but need to do a windows down sound so you can hear it from inside the cab good work

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